Receiving their 50-year pins were Brian Lannin with Legion president Janet Morris presenting. Morin Photo

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WINCHESTER – The Royal Canadian Legion Winchester Branch 108 celebrated their 95th anniversary on Sat., Oct. 22.

The special occasion was a great time to also honour all Legion members with service pin presentations.

The Winchester Legion has a long history in the community.

When the First World War ended, there were many Veterans’ groups and regimental associations that represented former service members, which were fragmented despite having shared goals.

In Winnipeg in 1925 the Dominion Veterans Alliance was created. The Legion was founded as the Canadian Legion of the British Empire Service League. Their charter was issued by the government in 1926. Years later in 1961, Queen Elizabeth II gave consent to adding Royal to the name. The Winchester Royal Canadian Legion Branch 108 was created on Oct. 26, 1927.

There were 180 Winchester Legion members eligible for anniversary pins. Sixty of those have 25 years or more to their credit. There were 44 Legion members present, of the 180 members eligible to receive their pins.

They were:

50 years – Brian Lannin, and  Robert Gale,  45 years – Greg McConnell, David VanBridger, Wayne Burnes, Jim Ibbetson, Al VanBridger, 40 years –  Jeff Cross, Ted Sheldrick,  35 years – George Edwardson, john Proulx, 30 years – Bev Ibbetson, Christine Mercier, Clara Edwardson, Wayne Scharf, , Don Swerdfeger, 20 years, Blake Fawcett, David Guy, 20 years – Irwin Skuce, 15 years – Shawn Corkery, 15 years – Bruce Morris,  10 years Janet Morris, 10 years – Leslie Kerr, Ginette Wedemire, 10 years – Gil Yendall, Di Yendall, Donna Faulkner, Shannon Sell, John Barnes, Shawn Doolan, 5 years – Tina Asselin, Janet Weber, Heather Cooke-Erwin, Tony Eyre, Tony Fraser, Barry Casselman, Jody Humphries (Mia Heatley in front), Dale Myers,  5 years – Cheryl McGrath, Maria Fanning, Lesley St Amour, Michael St. Amour, Kari VanOverbeke, Jan and Anita Short in front.