Tammy Spittal
Courtesy Photo

SOUTH STORMONT – Ingleside resident Tammy Spittal is seeking election as a councillor in the township of South Stormont in the upcoming municipal election.

“I decided to run for council this year because I want to ensure that everyone living in our township is heard, represented and treated equally, fairly and with respect,” commented Spittal. “I want to hear the issues and concerns of our residents” working to ensure they are addressed by council in an “honest and timely manner” and “their visions and their values are included in decisions made for the township.” Spittal mentioned she enjoys the friendly community lifestyle in the township with the opportunity to enjoy the waterfront with its wildlife and natural setting. She feels the protection of these natural features of the community is important.

There are three major responsibilities when serving on municipal council commented the candidate.  These include providing representation, accountability, and transparency to residents, obtain input from the community on important issues and ensuring environment as well as social wellness for the community while ensuring fiscal responsibility.

When asked about the top three issues facing South Stormont, Spittal mentioned a “lack of community consultation and input prior to decision-making of procedures, policies, and bylaws”, a lack of medical doctors and specialists in South Stormont and the impact of future growth on infrastructure and taxation.

Looking to the future of the township, Spittal mentioned she would like to see “more interaction with the public at public council meetings,” noting an open public question period held at the end of public council meetings would provide people with an opportunity to be involved and ask questions. She also mentioned the need for residents to have more programs and services offered to them, and the creation of a Forest Management Bylaw, “to protect our trees and natural vegetation which is home to [much] of our wildlife.”

Spital is looking forward to hearing from the electorate during the upcoming election period and hearing what they envision for the township.

For more information Spittal can be reached by phone at 613-770-3226 and by email at mstammyspittal@gmail.com.