The unofficial winners from the election on Mon., Oct 24 are from left to right: Alison McDonald (councillor), Steve Densham (deputy mayor), Francois Landry (mayor), Adrian Bugelli (councillor) and Charles Shane (councillor). Vogel Photo

NORTH STORMONT – Sighs of relief were heard in the council chambers, as Craig Calder announced the results of the municipal election on Mon., Oct 24.

The election campaign period was a conflicted one, but the voters have spoken, with a 54.1 per cent participation, and now the new elected council can move forward. Unofficial results are:


Francois Landry   1595

Roxane Villeneuve   1082

Deputy Mayor

Steve Densham   1668

Dean Laponsee   945


Adrian Bugelli   1455

David MacDonald   937

Alison McDonald   1657

Dessia Miller   867

Charles Shane   1392

Matt Shea   941

School Board Trustee – English Public

Curtis Jordan   778

Andrew Shanks   441