Gary Annable incumbent councillor for North Dundas. Morin Photo

NORTH DUNDAS – Gary Annable has just finished a four-year term as a North Dundas councillor and has decided he wants to return to his seat at the council table.

There are several North Dundas issues he wants to continue to watch over during the next four years of council.

He said he enjoyed his first term.

“We are in a constant search for water and infrastructure,” said Annable.

“I enjoyed watching how each department operated. The heads of each department do not get enough credit for the work that they do. They all earn every dollar they make and work well together.”

Going forward, Annable has a straightforward attitude about what the council will have to deal with.

“I am not a guy who likes to build another Taj Mahal. I am a firm believer in keeping up what we’ve got.”

He is candid about the need for North Dundas to deal with its infrastructure challenges. “We need some work done on our infrastructure.”

The issue of how to foster new growth in Winchester and Chesterville by increasing the areas drinking water supply with local wells, as well as investigating getting more water by connecting to the St. Lawrence River is one of the challenges faced by any incoming council.

“I would like to see how that ends up. Whether it is a pipeline from the St. Lawrence or if we will be lucky enough to get a well or two that will bring us up to where we are supposed to be.”

Annable is concerned about roads in North Dundas.

“Roads are a constant money pit,” said Annable.

“They have not been neglected for the last ten years, but they are expensive and we have tried to do what we could, and now we are trying harder.”

Annable believes that these issues are vital to the future of the township.