Trinkets and knick knacks
From the left, Jessica Lacelle, Rachel Seguin, Kristy Budgell and Emma Ahokas were in charge of the merchandise table consisting of plushies, shirts, stickers and even small snacks.     Glover photo

Kory Glover
Villager Staff
EMBRUN – Embrun’s local Giant Tiger opened its doors for the first time back in 1988 and Sat., Sept. 15, they celebrated 30 years of being a big part of a small town.

“We’re celebrating 30 years of service in our community,” said Rod Fleming, the current owner of the Giant Tiger. “We opened our store back in 1988. Actually, around this time too, in September. So, I thought it was fitting to have a little fun with our customers and staff and to thank them for their service and loyalty throughout the years.”

The store was packed with huge line-ups throughout most of the day and customers were offered a couple of surprises out in the parking lot.

“The store’s been extra busy today from when we opened our doors this morning. We did a cake celebration with our customers,” said Fleming. “We also have a live band performing and giveaways to give out to customers including stickers and keychains [and] have The Hot Potato Company teaming up with us for a barbecue.”

According to Fleming, planning for the celebration started months ago because, being the 52nd store out of 240 stores, they have a standard to uphold.

“We started planning our anniversary about eight months ago, we realized it was our 30th year in the community,” he said. “There were no complications, there was a lot of planning and a lot of help from my staff and even some locals in the area.”

Fleming also presented a cheque of $1,000 to the local Good Neighbours Food Bank, which will be included in what The Hot Potato Company will donate after the event finished.

“Good Neighbours Food Bank cater to about 100 plus clients,” he said. “We have a great relationship with them because we donate all of our perishable goods to the food bank every week, 52 weeks in the year.”

Fleming was very pleased with the turnout of the celebration and he hopes to continue serving the community for another 30 years.

“I want to thank our customers for their loyalty and their trust in us to serve after all these years,” he said. “We made it to 30 years and here’s to another 30 years in the future.”