Dedicated to the cause
From left to right: co-organizer Donna Lafrance, Linda Duhamel, Matilda Bouwhuis and Carolyne Rowland stand in front of the dedication poster. Participants can write on the poster to show who they are dedicating their run to.       Glover photo

Participants were getting a head start on the run before the heat overwhelmed them later in the day. Glover photo

Kory Glover
Villager Staff
EMBRUN – People were so energized Sun., Sept. 16 to start the 38th annual Terry Fox Run that they immediately started dashing down the Fitness Trail connecting Embrun and Russell after registering… or maybe it was so hot outside, people just wanted to get a head start.

“It is very hot today,” said co-organizer, Donna Lafrance. “We’re supposed to start the run at 9:30 a.m. but I think everyone wants to get a head start on the run before it gets too hot to be outside.”

Participants could run the full 10 kilometre Fitness Trail from one end to the other until the heat got the best of them or they became exhausted.

“People can start at either end of the trail,” said Lafrance. “They can go back and forth if they want. We do it every year and we always have lots and lots of fun.”

Participation was lower than that of last year, with over 200 participants in the previous run while only 181 people attended this year’s run. Last year’s run raised $16,000 while this year’s run (not including the add-up from the local schools on Thurs., Sept. 27) only raised $8,127.95.

“No matter how much we raised, every little bit counts,” said Lafrance. “The Embrun-Russell communities have done a great job for another year.”