Despite threating skies, the crowd at Meet Me on Main Street Marionville continued to grow throughout the evening. Tinkess Photo

MARIONVILLE – Eastern Ontario is a collection of small communities, and they each have their own distinct personality. They have things they are proud of and which they celebrate. Marionville is no exception.

One thing however that makes Marionville a little unique is that they are governed by three separate bodies: The city of Ottawa, the township of Prescott-Russell and the township of North Dundas. That’s why when they hold a community event, there will always be a strong representation by the politicians who represent the area.

Francois Marion, the unofficial “mayor” of Marionville, and the president of the Marionville Citizen’s Committee drew attention to this when kicking off the festivities.

“Welcome all for this great community event,” said Marion. “And it’s a real pleasure to entertain you tonight. Tonight is a very special night, as in previous years. This is the third year for this event, which is organized by the Township of North Dundas and supported by the Township of Russell and the City of Ottawa, and the Marionville Citizens Committee. It’s a real pleasure to have you all, and to benefit from this great, great evening.”

Following brief greetings from Ottawa (Osgoode ward) Councillor George Darouze, Russell Mayor Michael Tarnowski, and North Dundas Mayor Tony Fraser, the party got going.

There was a lot to take in, in a relatively small area. Food was not a problem as Big Bite Bistro, Country Kitchen, Iron Forge and Simply Baked were on hand to provide an excellent selection of food.  Beverages were available from Tuque de Broue Brewery, Smoky Ridge Vineyard, and King’s Lock Craft Distillery.  Jacky’s Face Painting was again a very popular hit with the kids and parents, and Fire Departments from the Townships of North Dundas and the Township of Russell were also on hand.  Giant Tiger from Embrun provided various gifts and accessories for the children.

The idea behind Meet Me on Main St. was to provide an opportunity for visitors to learn a bit about the smaller communities in the area, but also to encourage residents to get out, take a break and reconnect with their neighbours. From what was apparent in Marionville, the idea has become a success. Despite threatening skies, crowds grew steadily, exceeding more than 300 guests by the time things wrapped up.

Running from 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m., there was just enough time to have a bite to eat, enjoy a beverage, relax, reconnect, and unwind, which, during the busy summer is a welcome interlude that anyone could appreciate.