RUSSELL – After 33 weeks of Catch the Ace lottery in Russell Township, the jackpot estimated at $30,000 must go on Sun., May 6 at Etienne Brulé Brewery in Embrun. “We’ve simply sold all of our allotted tickets,” said an ecstatic Chair Bill McInnis. The Kin Club of Russell has sold approximately 17,000 of their allotted 20,000 tickets, raising close to $50,000 for local charities.

We will make available the remaining 3,000 tickets at Russell Foodland (500), Russell Pronto Convenience (300), Etienne Brulé Brewery (300) and Pierre et Fils in Embrun (200). The remaining tickets will be sold either on the draw date at Etienne Brulé Brewery, by the Kin Club of Russell members, or held in reserve to replenish ticket locations. “It’s kind of cool selling $15,000 dollars worth of tickets for a $30,000 dollar prize,” added McInnis. “It should be fun!”

For more information or to purchase tickets online, visit The Kin Club of Russell Facebook page.

The Kin Club of Russell has acquired an unlimited jackpot provincial licence for Catch the Ace, starting June 17.