North Dundas Council approved a motion to provide support in the amount of up to $2,000 towards the creation of a new mural to replace the existing one on the side of the building currently known as The Gathering House. The new mural will be constructed with more durable materials which should provide a longer life span. Bouwers Photo

WINCHESTER – North Dundas council, at their regularly scheduled meeting on May 9, agreed to provide financial support for the Chesterville mural project, although not as much as had originally been requested.

The mural in question is on the building known as The Gathering House in the centre of Chesterville. It was originally erected in 2006 and has reached the point in its lifespan where it needs to be replaced. The Chesterville Mural Committee, represented by MP Eric Duncan, made a presentation to council on April 11, and advised that they planned to replace the mural with a new one constructed of more durable materials. The committee had hoped to unveil the new mural during the Art on the Waterfront Festival on June 1.

On April 11, the committee had requested that the Township of North Dundas provide funding, up to $4,000 to offset the cost of the project. They also requested that the Township forward funds available in the Mike Dean Memorial fund, which is held by the township (supported by the family of Mike Dean), and provide banking support to the committee, which will enable donors to receive a charitable tax receipt and offset some of the HST due to the municipal rebate the township receives. Administration was directed to come back to Council with a report suggesting alternatives.

The report submitted by administration recommended that council approve the request, with the funds coming from the general reserve, because while the request was similar to what might be considered through a Community Improvement Program (CIP) grant, it would not qualify, but, considering the spirit and intent of the request, it should be supported.

In discussion, Deputy Mayor Theresa Bergeron commented that she would feel comfortable with the maximum amount being $2,000 rather than $4,000 and that the committee be encouraged to investigate further the possibility of obtaining funding or donations from other sources. Councillors Matthew Uhrig and John Lennox supported adjusting the amount to $2,000 as well. The amended motion then was moved by Councillor Uhrig and seconded by Deputy Mayor Bergeron that the Council of the Township of North Dundas supports funding the Chesterville mural up to $2,000 using funds from the general reserve and the council officially approved depleting the Mike Dean Memorial reserve fund current balance estimated at $3,100, and that council direct staff to provide banking support to the ad hoc committee leading the Chesterville mural project. All voted in favour.