Anne-Sophie Redekop and Jeffrey Redekop were very busy at the North Dundas Business Expo last Saturday, but they would still love to speak with you about cabinetry or custom furniture for your new home or renovation.  Tinkess Photo

CRYSLER – If you could buy local and receive superior quality and service, the only question then might be, why would you even consider something else? That is the premise that North Dundas Cabinetry and Woodworking (NDCW) is built on: Providing custom kitchens and cabinetry for an affordable price.

The company is located on Kyle Road, between Morewood and Cannamore, which positions them well not only for clients in North Dundas, but also North Stormont, and Prescott-Russell, and both the Seaway and Ottawa Valley.

Jeffrey Redekop and his wife Anne-Sophie are the owners of North Dundas Cabinetry and Woodworking (NDCW), and they were one of the many local businesses at the North Dundas Business Expo on Sat., May 4. As a member of the North Dundas Chamber of Commerce, Jeffrey is a strong supporter of shopping local and supporting small business, and with the quality of the cabinetry he creates, it’s hard to disagree that NDCW is a great choice whether you are building, renovating, or adding a new piece of furniture.  “I try to give people custom kitchens and cabinetry, and I try to aim for a more affordable price as much as I can,” said Redekop. It’s a matter of trying to give the average person access to more custom cabinetry.”

One way that he does that is by bringing as much of the work he possibly can, in house.

“By doing that, by bringing everything into our shop, we can oversee all the quality and have more control over our timelines, and just be more in control of the final products.

“We do everything from the initial design to installation.”

With NDCW, custom means just that: You get to select exactly what you want. While some cabinetry shops will allow you to choose the type of wood or colour of paint or stain, at NDCW you get much, much more. You have a say right from the design stage. “You get cabinetry designed to fit exactly your space,” said Redekop.  “You get to choose your exact options, and you’re not limited by what just I offer. By working with someone like me, you have access to all my contacts as well, which means I can give you a larger variety of options and do whatever you want.”

Cabinetry isn’t the only thing NDCW are known for either. They also create custom furniture whenever they have the opportunity. “That’s fun when I get a chance to do that,” said Redekop. “I really enjoy it.”

A bonus of working with someone with the amount of experience that NDCW has, is that while giving the customer the right to choose, sometimes it is necessary to mention things they haven’t thought of, or to suggest ideas that they didn’t even think were possible.

“I don’t say “No,” said Redekop, “But sometimes I’ll maybe steer them in a more accessible direction.

“When you’re working with me, I’m the one that’s doing the design I’m also the one that’s building it all the way from start to finish. When we sit down to meet, I would walk through all the steps and point out some of the complications between one design versus another and the advantages of one way versus another. You’d still be able to have a say. You’re not limited by just what I’ve done or what I offer at face value. We can do whatever you want.”

If you would like to know more about what North Dundas Custom Woodworking could do for you, you can visit their website at, give them a call at 613 407 9625, or email Jeffrey at

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