Students from the Ashley Thomas School of Dance took to the stage to display their athletic and artistic ability during the 2024 North Dundas Business Expo. From left: Karly Drew, Xander Lamb, and Grace Glaude.  Tinkess Photo

WINCHESTER – With the sun shining brightly on Sat., May 4, people turned their thoughts to catching up on some well-deserved “outside” time. Fortunately, many of them also took the time to stop by the Joel Steele Community Centre in Winchester to see what was happening at the 2024 North Dundas Business Expo.

The Expo, which ran from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. featured a mixture of both new and long-term area businesses. Stephen Mann, the North Dundas Economic Development officer spoke about so many things that are happening in North Dundas speak well of the health of the local economy. Events like this put the community front and centre for residents, and those who might sometime in the future become residents.

This year, we have about 100 businesses from all industries,” said Mann. “No matter what you need, landscaping services, health care, retail, it’s all here at the Expo.”

According to Mann, at least 50% of the businesses this year are new exhibitors. “it’s nice to change it up a little every year,” he added.

“We also have the “Touch a Truck” outside, and dance performances in the morning and afternoon as well.”

The Expo is a joint effort between the Township of North Dundas and the North Dundas Chamber of Commerce. Chris Power, the chamber president says the partnership is good for everyone involved.

“We work with the Township directly in the planning and preparation for the show,” said Power.  “A big part of what we do is get the get the word out. We have a newsletter that goes out to over 400 recipients and, so leading up to this, it’s really getting the word out and making sure people know that this is happening.

“I think the number of people that are walking through this place today, really reflects that. It’s very busy. And, you know, we were counting on rain and,   we got sun, but still people are showing up. So, yeah, we were working very closely together to make this a possibility.”

According to Power, it is a matter of connecting. “Our big focus right now is getting our Chamber members engaged,” said Power, “and to let them know what we’re doing and that we’re there representing them, both to help them connect with the community, connect with each other, and connect with the Township.”

As mentioned earlier, there was entertainment both in the morning and afternoon thanks to The Ashley Thomas School of Dance. At both performances examples of ballet, hip hop, music theatre, and much more were on display by the school’s students.

And for the young, or the young at heart (and slightly curious) there was an opportunity to get up close and personal with a fire truck, dump truck, ambulance, backhoe, and a garbage truck!

Service providers, retail, institutional, food service and more were on hand providing a great way to learn just a bit more about North Dundas (and still have lots of time to enjoy the sun!)