Understanding that tire emergencies can happen any time, Countryside Tire offers 24/7 service.  Courtesy Photo

MONKLAND – If you have ever been stranded with a flat tire whether on the road or in the field, you know how important it is to have a reliable tire service available.

Frank Desnoyers, owner of Countryside Tire Repair is a Licensed Tire Tech with 12 years of experience.

Frank was fortunate to spend time while in high school working for a local tire company. After a short stint as a concrete worker he went back to his true passion, tires.

Three years ago his employer closed down his shop leaving Frank with the decision of going to work for someone else or taking on the challenge of running his own business.

Being well aware of the demand for quality tire techs, he decided to start Countryside Tire Repair; offering services to farms, commercial, OTR and personal vehicles. Countryside also carries Agri-Lim.

Understanding that tire emergencies can happen at any time, Countryside Tire offers 24/7 service. Whether it’s a flat tire late at night or early in the morning, they are here to get you to your destination.

Taking pride in offering fast and efficient service to keep your down time to a minimum, Frank understands that downtime costs businesses and farmers money and has a solid devotion to his customers.

Frank has a customer focused approach with transparent communication to all of his customers.

“It is important to discuss what the purpose of the tire is,” said Desnoyers. Are you highway driving, or off roading, is there a lot of weight on the tires? There is so much choice and knowing what you will be doing makes a big difference when choosing the right tires for you. Being independent allows Countryside to offer various options to his customers so he is able to match you with the right quality and price.

With a shop at 17829 Strathmore Road near Monkland, ON, he is well equipped to repair or change tires. Desnoyers also has a mobile repair unit equipped to handle on-the-spot tire repairs throughout the area.

Frank is a supporter of various local sports and recreational groups in the community.

You can reach Frank at 613-577-5974 or by email at countrysidetire1@hotmail.com.

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