MORRISBURG – “I will be the voice in council for our entire municipality, not just the more populated areas,” Tammy Thom said.

Thom, a Municipality of South Dundas resident, is hoping to become the township’s next deputy mayor following the upcoming Oct. 24 municipal election. Thom lives in the north end of the municipality.

“After following South Dundas council and contemplating council’s decisions and non-decisions, I decided to run for council,” Thom said. “Discussing the local goings-on with others that live in the area made me realize that instead of talking, why not try to contribute? I’m hoping to not only contribute locally, but also bring fresh ideas to the entire municipality, hopefully to make a difference.”

In addition to participating in the Sept. 29 all-candidates meeting in Dixons Corners, Thom held a “Meet Your Candidate” session in Williamsburg on Oct. 1. She said she’s informed on past and current council agendas, she’s aware of community concerns, supports local recreation, as well as community development, and she’s ready to tackle local infrastructure needs.

“The reason I’m running for deputy mayor is [because of] the platform it brings when dealing with our levels of government and potential business. I have goals in mind, such as a walk-in clinic, that will take persistence in getting established,” Thom said. “The reasons I’m running for council are the same reasons that people should choose me for their deputy mayor; I will be the voice in council for our entire municipality, not just the more populated areas. I live in the north end of the township, and I understand how important it is that everyone is heard.”

Thom said she’s a thorough, decisive, and fiscally responsible decision maker. For the past 10 years, Thom has lived in Williamsburg with her husband Dave, whose family have lived in the area since the 1750s.

“There’s a large part of the township that feels unheard,” Thom said during the Sept. 29 meeting. “I’ve been listening. The more I listen, the more I hear that people want change. They want to be heard. They are looking for leadership that is for the entire municipality.

Thom said her concerns include the lack of doctors, as well as the lack of affordable housing. She also noted the crucial infrastructure needs, as well as the need to attract more businesses and residents.

“I have a ‘Why not?’ attitude,” Thom said. “If a group is proposing a financially feasible project in their area that they are passionate about, then let’s try to clear the obstacles of government that have stood in their way in the past.”