MORRISBURG – “I have thought about running for council over the years and right now the timing is right,” Jason Broad said.

Jason Broad is hoping to become the Municipality of South Dundas’ next mayor following the Oct. 24 municipal election. Broad’s professional background is in leadership coaching. He’s worked at Procter & Gamble for roughly 22 years and for the past seven years, he has been the human resources’ leader.

“This work brought out my personal leadership skills,” Broad said, noting his ability to bring together a large number of people to deliver one common goal. “It also tested my ability to deal with large data sets, setting up bulletproof work systems, continually driving the group to the root cause of issues. This work showed my ability to balance both executional and emotional intelligence of the role. I have extensive leadership roles as president of minor hockey, baseball, and the golf course. The mayor’s position is best for me; it’s my forte.”

Broad said he’s currently working part-time as a leadership coach with BizXcel Brockville. In this role, he teaches groups of leaders conflict management, communication skills, feedback, and performance recognition, building accountability, and trustworthiness.

“My mission is to work hard using my values and principles and to get you results. I want you to be proud to call me your mayor,” he said. “Let’s bring a bigger smile to the face of every resident in every corner of South Dundas.”

Broad said his vision is for residents to be proud to live, play, and/or work in South Dundas. He said he’d like residents to be proud of their municipality when family, customers, or tourists visit the area.

Broad said his priorities include items in infrastructure, growth, economy, services, recreation, and governance. More specifically, he would like to develop projects based on reliable data and financial models that meet the needs of residents, create logical growth in housing and living options, support current businesses and small business owners, bring in new jobs and new residents, listen to volunteers, stakeholders, and residents regardless of age, and provide resident-focused governance and service.

“I have loved this community since I moved here 24 years ago, so I think it’s natural to want to be part of the legislative side of it,” Broad said. “It’s home, it has a feeling, and we are all involved in the community.”