Will Healey
Courtesy Photo

WINCHESTER – North Dundas resident Will Healey is running for a seat at the North Dundas council table.

He has been working for Bell Canada for the past 20 years.

When he arrived in North Dundas seven years ago, he decided he liked the kind of community in North Dundas and wanted to participate where he could. Consequently, he joined the North Dundas Fire Service, and he is currently a firefighter at station three in Winchester.

Healey is also past president of the Nation Valley ATV club, and is currently an active member.

“Before moving to North Dundas, I was in Northern Ontario. I spent seven years in Northern Ontario and had a wonderful career with Bell up there,” he said.

Healey has experience in helping his community move forward in a positive way.

“I was the chair of community policing for three years, and I was also a board member for Sioux lookout nonprofit housing providing affordable housing in the community.”

Affordable housing and ensuring that the municipality has an efficient and effective fire department are just two of several of his concerns.

“I feel that the upcoming counsellor is going to have some major challenges ahead, and with my background, I’m hoping to get elected and work with the local community to try to face some of these upcoming challenges,” he said.

Healey believes some of the upcoming challenges that North Dundas will face now and in the future are the landfill shortage, water shortage, lack of road maintenance, and winter snow removal, and upcoming provincial changes to the fire service.

Healey said, “I think the number one challenge moving forward is going to be a way to provide affordable housing for the youth of today in North Dundas, and in return, create jobs so people can work and live in this great community.”

To find out more about Will Healy please email to will@healeyservices.ca, or you can call 613-862-4728.