The crowd at Apple Fest 2022 grew throughout the morning, but it really began to fill up when the music began shortly after noon. Tinkess Photo

Terry Tinkess
Record Staff

IROQUOIS – The words to a popular song goes something like “Could have been the whisky, might have been the gin…”

In Iroquois on Saturday, you could say it might have been the chicken, must have been the cars, possibly the music…

Whatever it was, it was enough to draw a large crowd to Apple Fest 2022, and they took full advantage of a fine fall day to enjoy everything the village had to offer.

People started gathering in the parking lot of the Iroquois Plaza just after 8:00 a.m. and there was a steady crowd throughout the morning partaking of the breakfast prepared by the Anglican Parish of South Dundas. Before you got that far though, you would have to pass by the Lions Club of Iroquois-Matilda where 700 chickens (280 at a time) were being barbecued.

The members of the Golden Gears Car Club also began to assemble early and if you long for the days when cars were more metal than composita and when you had room under the hood to work, then this was the place to be. By lunch time there were approximately 130 show cars on site, each one a labour of love for their owners.

The opening ceremony took place just before noon with Margaret Whissel singing “O Canada” and Rev. Mark Lewis offering the event blessing. Apple Fest chair Candice Latulippe then thanked the crowd and volunteers and made a special presentation.

“We decided to do a special ambassador award,” said Latulippe, “and this is for, someone, very special to our heart and this community, who [have] done a tremendous amount for us, and we are so happy to have him and his business as part of this community.” John Ross is our Iroquois Ambassador.

“This award is presented to you in recognition of your generosity and support of this village of Iroquois. Your kindness has inspired and improved the living quality of this community. We thank you.”

In accepting the award, Ross, the founder of Ross Video, commented that it was almost 48 years to the day that he moved to the area from Montreal. “In coming here, I was attracted by the quality of life, the beauty of the area but especially by the accomplishments of your volunteers,” said Ross.

“You did so much for your community that I thought that if that is the sort of people that we have here, then that’s where my company should be.”

Following the ribbon cutting, things really started to hop when Eddie and the Stingrays took the stage, and it wasn’t long before more than a few people got up to dance. Later in the day there would be an Elvis Tribute show, featuring Steven Goodberry.

So many things were packed into a small area. The east side of the plaza, across from the post office was the kids’ zone with inflatables by Tribeck, as well as a rock-climbing attraction, a magic show with Dr. Kaboom and the Giants of Junk show by Junkyard Symphony.

So many events claim to have something for everyone, but Apple Fest might have lived up to that claim. Apple bingo, lunch prepared by the Iroquois Fire Association, apple pie and dessert contest, cutest apple dumpling baby contest and even an evening parade were what you would have had the chance to enjoy.

In Iroquois, as in so many small communities, it is the volunteers that make the difference!