From the left, front row: Riley Lanoue, Brandon Leach, Raelynn Drapeau, Morgan Swerdtfeger. Second row: Samuel Bissonnette, Reid Johnston, Danika Bissonnette, Vanessa Bissonnette and Evane Gravel. Third row: Felix Chretien, Cheyenne Lanoue, Kaylee Daines, McKenna Kelly, Merrick Richer and Kamryn Hartle. Fourth row: Wyatt Lanoue, Alex Robinson, Sam Tessier and Robin Sanders. Thompson Goddard Photo

CHESTERVILLE – The season for the Youth Bowling Canada Club (YBC) in Chesterville has ended with a banquet held at Royal Canadian Legion Branch 434 in Chesterville on Sat., April 13.

YBC Chesterville runs for 30 weeks from the week following Labour Day until the end of April and is held at the Chesterville Bowling Lanes operated by Ron Robinson. Participants can develop their bowling skills and compete in house, regional, provincial and national tournaments.

2023-2024 YBC program directors are Pat Middleton and Ron Robinson, coaches are Sue Rainville, Daryl Britton, and Pat Middleton. Middleton mentioned that on occasion parents have helped with the coaching of the young bowlers.

She mentioned in her opening remarks that participants from the YBC Chesterville participated in several tournaments with several placing in the top 10 at provincial tournaments.

Following the award presentations, pizza, hot dogs and soft drinks were provided to participants and family members followed by ice cream sandwiches for dessert.

Medal Presentations

YBO Triples: Gold: Morgan Schwerdtfeger, Felix Chretien, Bryson Bruining, Kaylee Daines, Cheyenne Lanoue and Riley Lanoue.

YBO Hi/Low Doubles: Gold: Raelynn Drapeau, Brandon Leach, Venessa Bissonnette, Reid Johnston, McKenna Kelly, Danika Bissonnette, Sam Tessier and Wyatt Lanoue.

YBC: Evanne Gravel, Robin Sanders and Kamryn Hartle.

Family Twosome: GOLD: Receiving Gold in the Peewee/Bantam Division was Raelynn Drapeau with Samuel Bissonnette receiving gold in the Junior/Senior Division. SILVER: Silver place was awarded to Vanessa Bissonnette in the Peewee/Bantam Division and Morgan Schwerdtfeger in the Junior/Senior Division. BRONZE: Bronze medals were awarded to Hailey Sadler and Kamryn Hartle in the PeeWee/Bantam Division and Junior/Senior Division respectively.

Peewee/Bantam Division: Regular league champs were the Sharks team consisting of Kennedy Elshof, Evane Gravel, Brandon Leach and Cameron Pyke. Playoff Champions were the Leaf’s team with Riley Lanoue, Maximus Power, Everlee Lanoue, and Lochlan Chretien.

Girls High Average was won by Raelynn Drapeau who also was the High Double and High Single winner. Girls High Double was won by Riley Lanoue, with Everlee Lanoue taking the Girls High Single.

Boys High Average was won by Brandon Leach who also was the High Single. Boys High Double was Morgan Schwerdfeger, with Boys High Single award given to Ivirk Gravel.

Raelynn Drapeau was the most improved bowler in the Peewee/Bantam Division.

Bantam Division: The Girl’s high average was won by Vanessa Bissonnette, who also received the award for Double and Single, with Evane Gravel winning the Girl’s High Double and Kennedy Elshof receiving the award for the Girl’s High Single.

The Boy’s High Average award was presented to Sam Bissonnette, the Boy’s High Double to Reid Johnston, who also received the award for Single and Cameron Pyke receiving the award for Boy’s High Single.

Kennedy Elshof was the most improved bowler in the Bantam Division.

Junior/Senior Division: The Sabers team of Robin Sanders, Danika Bissonnette, Alex Robinson, Zach Robinson, and Merrick Robinson were the season champs of this division. The play-off champs were the Duck team of Kaylee Daines, McKenna Kelly, Griffin Schwerdtfeger, Sam Tessier, and Kendra Hamilton were the playoff champs.

Girls’ High Average was won by Cheyenne Lanoue, Girl’s High Triple by Robin Sanders, Girl’s High Triple was won by Robin Sanders and Girl’s High Single by Kamryn Hartle.

The Boy’s High Average award went to Zack Robinson who also won the award for High Single. Griffin Schwertfeger won the award for Boy’s High Triple, with Felix Chretien receiving the award for Boy’s High Single.

The most improved bowler in the Junior/Senior Division was Danika Bissonnette.

Senior Division: The Boy’s High Average in the Senior Division went to Alex Robinson, with the Boy’s High Triple awarded to Sam Tessier who also had the Boy’s High Single, and the High Single award given to Wyatt Lanoue.

The most improved bowler in the division was Sam Tessier.