Steven Densham announced his candidacy for deputy mayor of North Stormont on Mon., May 2. Thompson Goddard Photo

BERWICK – Long time resident and municipal councillor of North Stormont announced on Mon., May 2 that he was seeking to be the next deputy mayor of the municipality.

Densham commented when announcing his candidacy how he wished to build on the positive momentum created over the last term of council and carry it forward. He noted it had been a challenging term, with the Wind Turbines, the pandemic and other council issues, but he has learned a lot and intends to build on the knowledge gained to encourage growth in NS.

He took a few moments to thank Craig Calder for “building a strong staff” during this challenging time and mentioned the GFL agreement will be key “to opening new potential opportunities in NS to feed economic development.” He noted small businesses struggled with restrictions during the pandemic and need economic support during the recovery period.

Densham mentioned he went out and spoke with local business owners, learning firsthand what was needed for them to not only survive but thrive during these difficult economic times. Including organizing Wellness Tours which involved MP Eric Duncan, MPP Jim McDonell and Densham reaching out to local businesses during the pandemic as well as the creation of a NS Shop Local Facebook page.  On the economic development front, he mentioned his successful advocacy to allocate a budget for the salary of an economic development officer.

He praised that the amalgamation of municipal recreation groups into an Amalgamated Recreation Committee under the leadership of Ellen McNaughton and Pierre Thibault. He feels the unification of the various committees has led to a better coordination of events, development of best practices and collaboration on budgeting.

Densham concluded how it is necessary for rural municipal governments to be proactive to ensure the continued survival of rural communities. He mentioned he enjoyed his term as councillor as it allowed him the chance to contribute to his community more substantially. He continued, in his role as councillor he was able to encourage people and committee members to work together for the benefit of the North Stormont community.

Densham currently serves on five community committees and boards including his most recent appointment to the Winchester District Memorial Hospital board.