Reid McIntyre
Courtesy Photo

SOUTH STORMONT – On Aug. 18, Reid McIntyre filed his nomination papers seeking election for the position of councillor in the township of South Stormont. McIntyre noted he had run in the 2018 municipal election, finishing 4th in a field of eight candidates for the three council positions.

“I see this as an opportunity to contribute and make South Stormont an even better place to live, work, and play,” commented McIntyre, noting that “as a retired person, I have the time needed to do a thorough job as a representative of the taxpayers of South Stormont on council. He continued his experience in the “heavy civil construction industry would be a valuable asset to the next council of South Stormont.”

As a member of the incoming South Stormont council, one of his goals includes working to ensure tax dollars are spent wisely in the municipality. McIntyre also mentioned he will seek to “encourage collaboration with other levels of government to get the upgrades to our water, sewer and road departments” completed.

There are several issues that will be faced by members of the incoming municipal election. He mentioned there is a need to continue negotiations with provincial and federal governments to secure funding for resolving issues at the wastewater treatment plant in Ingleside.

McIntyre mentioned a decision to either expand or close the municipal landfill site, as well as this needing immediate attention from the incoming council. This is an important element in the future of the municipality as new people and businesses move to South Stormont.

Negotiating and securing an agreement with the St. Lawrence Parks Commission regarding the development of the South Stormont waterfront is an important issue. “There seems to be a very good relationship with both parties at this time,” said McIntyre. He added the development of the waterfront “would increase tourism and attract new families into our beautiful township.”