Don Lewis
Courtesy Photo

MORRISBURG – Municipality of South Dundas Coun. Don Lewis is hoping to upgrade his council position to that of deputy mayor following the upcoming municipal election.

“I wasn’t going to run. I’d said that I was going to give the citizens four years and then I wasn’t going to run this fall, but people kind of put pressure on me. They couldn’t understand why I wasn’t going to run because they thought I did a good job,” Lewis said. “I do believe that I’m a very strong voice at the municipal level. If an issue comes up that I don’t agree with, I always speak for the majority of the people.”

Lewis said he decided to run for deputy mayor because a strong voice is needed there as well. He said he can be a strong voice for residents at both the South Dundas council table and the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry (SDG) council table.

“I can handle the position,” he said. “I’m very outspoken.”

He said he believes he’s rectified close to 98 per cent of the complaints he’s heard as a council representative in the past four years. He said he speaks with people in person, via phone, text, and email. He said he’s also had people drop by his house, where he listens to what they have to say and then takes steps to address any issues or concerns.

“I would like to continue on with some of the stuff that this council has started,” Lewis said. “I would like to continue with the sidewalks because there is a pile of sidewalks that should really be replaced. They’re not up to code. I’d like to continue with doing five to six roads a year. I think the new council should be thinking about repaving both Iroquois and Morrisburg Plazas.”

Lewis said his record will speak for itself. He said he’s proud of what he and his council colleagues have accomplished in the past four years.

“I honestly think if any of the citizens out there have watched the virtual [meetings], they know that I am there for the people of South Dundas. I say it as it is. I’m not very bashful. I think my four years that I’ve been councillor, I’m going to let speak for me,” he said. “I want to keep moving forward and I think the citizens of South Dundas want to move forward to.”