Danielle Ward
Courtesy Photo

MORRISBURG – With more than a decade of municipal work experience, Municipality of South Dundas resident Danielle Ward has decided to run for a seat at the local council table.

“The reason I decided to run for council was because I felt it was time. I spent 11 years in municipal government, and I feel like during my time in various roles, I have seen practical, affordable, and unique solutions to a variety of issues, and I hope to share some of those things with South Dundas. I am also running because I am extremely proud to call South Dundas my home.”

Ward said she’s worked in Ontario cities, counties, and small rural municipalities in infrastructure, administration, and planning. To be successful, she said a municipality needs a community that’s engaged, supportive, and encouraging.

“I feel that I would be a good choice for the township’s next councillor because I want the public to feel that they have a representative that is accountable for their own decisions and actions at the table,” Ward said. “I am a very approachable individual who loves to talk about various municipal issues and solutions. I have had ideas that have succeeded and some that have failed but have learned that it’s important to be accountable and to be open to discussing where the community should go next.”

As a former employee of South Dundas, Ward has unique insight, that she shares with followers on her Facebook page – Danielle Ward for South Dundas councillor. She answers questions, provides video updates, and more for those looking to learn more about her as a candidate for councillor.

“If elected, my priorities would be accessibility, affordability, and accountability,” Ward said. “With regards to accessibility, I want to be accessible to the public by being present in the community and holding open office hours two days a week. Affordability is also a priority. I want to collaborate with other municipalities in [the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry] SDG, as well as the City of Cornwall to establish economies of scale, petition the provincial and federal government for more funding, and explore the possibility of multi-year budgeting to try and stabilize the tax rate. I also want the public to feel like they can hold me accountable for my decisions. I am running to be a voice, and I want to make sure that the voice is reflective of the community.”