Charles Shane
Courtesy Photo

CRYSLER – Crysler resident Charles Shane is running for a seat on the township of North Stormont’s council in the upcoming Oct. 24 municipal election.

“I was approached to run in the last election,” Shane said. “I decided this is the year to run for a seat.”

Shane, who said he’s been thinking about running for council for several years, has submitted his nomination papers for one of the three available councillor positions. If he’s successful, this will be Shane’s first time serving on the municipal council.

“I am a lifelong resident of Crysler. I grew up here on my father’s dairy farm just west of town, and I still work in the local agriculture sector for custom planting and harvesting,” he said. “I still maintain my relations with many local farmers. Over the years, I’ve operated several local sideline businesses in the community, in farming and construction. However, my main employment for the last 30 years has been working for the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC). I am a manger of valuation and customer relations for the Ottawa office. This career has given me a very strong background in working with taxpayers, tax agents, lawyers, and dealing with customer inquiries and resolutions of property assessment issues. I’ve built strong working relationships with the National Capital Commission (NCC) and City of Ottawa, working with them on zoning bylaws, large development sites, forecasting municipal growth from building permits, amongst many other things.”

Shane said his main reason for running for council is to work at “building up our community.” He said he wants to see businesses grow, including those in the agricultural sector. He said he would also like to see improvements made to the community’s recreational services, improved rural internet, and expanded natural gas lines. Shane said he would also like to see volunteers supported for the immense amount of work they do throughout the township every year.

“I care about the future of our community. I want to see it grow and expand,” Shane said, adding that, if he’s elected, he looks forward to bringing his knowledge and experience to the council table to work with the taxpayers of North Stormont.