Dessia Miller
Courtesy Photo

BERWICK – “I believe in the slogan, ‘Do the right thing,’” Berwick resident Dessia Miller said. “I live in this community with my partner’s family and grandchildren. I care.”
Miller is running for a seat at the township of North Stormont’s council table. She is hoping to win one of the three open councillor positions during the upcoming Oct. 24 municipal election.
“Change is not only good, sometimes it is necessary to move forward,” Miller said. “It seems evident to many residents, myself included, that North Stormont needs a new team to get past the issues of the last years. There’s no point in sitting back and complaining. The best way to have a voice is to start as a councillor. My volunteer and work skills align with what is expected of a councillor. I have over 15 years in high tech and document management. I am currently a civilian employee of the RCMP Musical Ride in Ottawa, part of the team caring for the 80-plus Musical Ride horses. I have taught youth, volunteered in the MacIntosh Committee, and previously managed one of the largest complex stables in the Ottawa area. As the chair for the Equestrian Canada Endurance Committee, I influence policies, rules, and interaction with committees at all levels of government organizations, local, national, and provincial. My certification activities in the National Certificate Coaching Program (NCCP) reinforces good communications, patience, empathy, and ethical decision making.”
If she’s elected, Miller said she has a list of things she would like to see accomplished. She said there is “so much that could be improved,” and provided a short list of suggestions.
“I would like to see enhanced accountability and open public transparency within the council chambers,” she said. “I would promote the opportunity for individual council members to summarize their reasoning and for the public to ask questions in an open forum. I want to see the budget for our roads and infrastructure used for the intended purpose. I would ensure that the public can easily find bylaws and the information they need on our website and social media. I want to see us get every dollar of funding available from non-property tax sources. I want to ensure a safe and fair working environment. I want to be part of a team that delivers core services efficiently, one that encourages families and businesses to choose North Stormont.”