SOUTH STORMONT – Currently serving as a councillor in South Stormont, Andrew Guindon of Long Sault has announced his intention to run for the position of deputy mayor in that municipality.

He made the decision to run for deputy mayor instead of councillor in South Stormont because there was “a vacant seat with the current deputy mayor vying for the mayor’s seat.” Guindon continued, “Despite my youth, I have the knowledge, experience, and energy to do well in this role.” In an Aug. 18 press release, Guindon mentioned the ability to serve at the SDG County council as an opportunity, that the position of SS Deputy Mayor provided.

The candidate was raised in St. Andrews West and currently resides in Long Sault and since 2018 he has worked as a lawyer in Cornwall. Guindon has served “as a board member, volunteer, and fundraiser for several not-for-profit organizations and charities,” including the Laurencrest Youth Services, the Agape Centre, Lost Villages Museum, South Stormont Fun Raisers and is on the board for the Children’s Treatment Centre.

“Emily and I just got married on Saturday. We are building our lives here and we will be raising our future family here because we see how much potential this area has.” He continued, there is much which has been accomplished in South Stormont over the last term of council, with more work ahead. “I want to be a part of helping the township and the county prosper and serving as deputy mayor would allow me to do so.”

“Securing provincial funding to replace aging critical infrastructure such as the wastewater treatment facility in Ingleside that is running near capacity” is a priority as well as “ensuring that the fire department has the resources it needs as the township grows,” commented Guindon. He continued, the upgrading of parks and recreation opportunities are also a priority for the community, which could include the creation of a kayak launch area and dog park.

For more information, he suggests following his Facebook page where information on his campaign and detailed policy points will be uploaded over the coming weeks, or to contact him directly by calling 613-0330-1935 or by email at