Roxane Villeneuve
Courtesy Photo

MOOSE CREEK – “As an elected municipal councillor for the past four years, I have seen firsthand the many improvements that are desperately needed in our township,” Roxane Villeneuve said.

A current councillor with the township of North Stormont, Villeneuve is looking to become the municipality’s next mayor following the Oct. 24 election. She recently submitted her nomination papers.

“As I outlined in my bilingual social media video launch on Aug. 3, we need honesty and integrity, transparency, and accountability – this starts with a mayor who leads by example,” Villeneuve said. “In the 2018 municipal election, I ran on these values as a councillor, and I was elected by the good people in North Stormont. I have a proven track record of doing what I say I will do, and if I am fortunate to be elected as mayor, I will continue to fulfill my mandate with a ‘promises made and promises kept’ model.”

Villeneuve provided a list of changes she’d like to see happen in North Stormont. These include public budget consultations, clear oversight of taxpayer dollars, quarterly public town hall meetings, public question period, and beautification of the township’s villages and hamlets. To learn more about her specific plans and ideas, visit Villeneuve’s Facebook page, which is listed under Coun. Roxane Villeneuve Conseillère North Stormont Nord.

“As a former senior provincial advisor to the leader of the official opposition at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, along with my experience working at the Senate of Canada, and as a former manager of a hospital foundation, I believe I have the experience and understanding it takes to run an effective organization. There are many reasons why I believe that residents should trust in me and elect me as their mayor,” Villeneuve said. “I will work with council to lower debentures and increase our reserves. We need to run our municipality like it is our own personal bank account – as mayor, I am committed to spend our taxpayers’ dollars with full public accountability and transparency with a low or zero tax increase.”

If she’s elected, Villeneuve has additional goals she’d like to see realized. In addition to lowering debentures and increasing reserves, these also include building recreational infrastructure, and supporting natural gas expansion.

“I love my community. I love to volunteer my time and contribute to many fundraising activities that are part of our community,” Villeneuve said. “As mayor, I will continue to host my ‘Free Public Skate Family Day’ held annually on Family Day in February at the Finch Arena.”