Jamie Laurin
Courtesy Photo

EMBRUN – “The best part of being a councillor is when I run into residents and they ask me questions about an upcoming project or they want to bring an issue forward,” township of Russell Coun. Jamie Laurin said. “I would be unable to fulfill my role without these kinds of discussions, so I appreciate when residents take the time to bring their questions and issues to my attention. We may not always agree on the issues, but it is important to have healthy and constructive debates because both sides usually walk away learning something they didn’t consider.”

Laurin is running for re-election as councillor. The 2022 municipal election is set for Oct. 24.

“The decision to seek another term on council was an easy decision to make. There are a few projects on-the-go that I wanted to see realized, like the recreation complex, but my main reason for running again is that I truly enjoy serving the residents of our amazing communities,” he said. “I have never made election promises as I know it takes the majority of council to approve projects, however I would like to see the completion of the recreation complex as a sitting member of council. I have advocated for a recreation complex since my first term as councillor and I am excited that we are in the process of making this a reality for our township. This will be the largest project that we have ever undertaken, and it is something that I am passionate about as it will enhance the lives of everyone in our communities.”

Laurin has been a member of council for the past 16 years. If re-elected, another term of council will see that number rise to 20.

“My goal as a member of council has always been to conduct myself with integrity and to research the issues so that I make informed decisions at the council table. This has not changed, nor will it ever, as long as residents of the township continue to put their trust in my abilities as an elected official,” Laurin said. “I am humbled by the support I’ve received by residents as your councillor, and I would be honoured to have the opportunity to represent you for another four years. Together we can continue to make our communities one of the best places to call home. I can’t do my job without you, so I encourage anyone with questions or concerns to reach out to me on my cell (613-601-3581) or by email (j_laurin@rogers.com).”