Louise Leclerc
Courtesy Photo

SOUTH STORMONT – Louise Leclerc recently announced her candidacy for municipal councillor in the Municipality of South Stormont. She mentioned her desire to serve residents which has formed the basis of her decision. Leclerc moved to South Stormont in 2016, speaks four languages including English and French, worked for 13 years in the federal government before her retirement and was raised on a farm in Quebec. “I love South Stormont” commented Leclerc. She mentioned the beauty of the municipality with the waterfront areas, farmland, choice of outdoor activities and the communities where residents make their homes as positive attributes of the municipality.

Challenges facing the South Stormont community include Highway 138 traffic problems, the effect of nitrogen reduction on farmers and tree loss. Leclerc favours the creation of a municipal policy on tree loss that can be attributed to several factors but should be addressed by local government.

The federal government has mandated a reduction in the quantity of emissions of nitrogen-based fertilizers by 2030. Leclerc feels it is important for the municipality to lobby the upper levels of government for the development of replacement fertilizers for agricultural use.

The creation of a roundabout at the intersection of Highway 138 and Headline Road is an important part of ensuring the safety of people using Highway 138, by reducing traffic congestion according to Leclerc.  She commented how it has been several years since discussions about Highway 138 had been held and that it is time for action.