Adrian Bugelli
Courtesy Photo

NORTH STORMONT – Finch resident, Adrian Bugelli is running for a seat at the North Stormont council table in the township of North Stormont during this October’s municipal elections.

He said, “I am excited and eager for the opportunity to serve my community as an elected public official. Over the past few years, North Stormont has led SD&G in its percentage of population growth, which presents both opportunities and challenges. Opportunities, such as increased growth acts as a large attractant of investments, but also challenges, as both infrastructure needs and municipal services, race to catch up with that growth.”

Bugelli is the father of two children and wants to make sure his family can enjoy living in a healthy vibrant community.

He said, “I want to ensure that our community continues to blossom and offers them the opportunity for a happy life. From their schooling to their extra-curriculars, from community activity to local sports, and eventually from employment to housing, I want to know that my kids are able to stay close to their roots and will not have to look outside of North Stormont for opportunities.”

He has served on various boards, committees, and not-for-profits, and understands that a collaborative, respectful and objective approach in respect to decision-making is paramount.

“A councillor’s job is to put community above self, to put personal egos aside and work as a team, to better our community for all residents. It’s ok, in fact encouraged, to have dissenting opinions, but at the end of the day, we need to be respectful and make tough decisions in the best interest of all, and then move on to tackle the next issue.”

Bugelli is well known in political circles across SD&G, as the long-time president of the Stormont- Dundas-South Glengarry Conservative Association, also acting as campaign manager for local MP Eric Duncan during the past two elections, while also serving as his chief of staff in Cornwall.

Most recently, Bugelli successfully headed-up newly elected MPP Nolan Quinn’s nomination and general election campaign teams.