Alison McDonald
Courtesy Photo

CRYSLER – “I’m really excited to announce that I will be putting my name forward. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. I’m proud of our community and after working in the planning and environmental sector for 14 years, I’m looking forward to putting my passion and knowledge to work from the other side of the council table,” Crysler resident Alison McDonald said.

McDonald filed her nomination papers with the township of North Stormont late last month. If elected, this will be her first stint as a member of municipal council. She is running for one of the three councillor positions.

“I regularly work with complex budgets and tight timelines and I’m always working to save time and money for our residents,” McDonald said. She currently leads the South Nation Conservation (SNC)’s planning and development review work on behalf of 16 municipalities in Eastern Ontario to deliver essential services throughout the region. “I also have years of experience serving the public on challenging issues like development of new subdivisions, on-site sewage permitting, and dealing with natural hazards and drinking water protection. I see these experiences as valuable additions to the council table.”

Prior to working for SNC, McDonald worked as manager of planning for the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry (SDG). While there, she saw the introduction of SDG’s Regional Incentives Program, which provides funding to local businesses. She also chaired groups with the conservation authority to bring municipalities together with members of the agricultural community to discuss forest conservation.

McDonald, who works, lives, and volunteers in North Stormont, said she was inspired to run for council. She attributed that inspiration to the passion of residents focused on big issues within the community, as well as by her work on local development projects. McDonald said she’s familiar with many of the local challenges and opportunities for growth, business development, and improvements to recreational and community services.

“I look forward to bringing my love for our community and my extensive knowledge of timely, efficient municipal service together to serve local residents,” she said.

In addition to her professional activities, McDonald has participated in her community as a volunteer as well, including her work with the Glengarry Pipe Band, the McIntosh Park Committee, the International Plowing Match, and the Crysler Community Garden. The 2022 municipal election is set for Oct. 24.