Marc Lalonde
Courtesy Photo

EMBRUN – “Having recently retired from a career in the Canadian dairy sector, the time seemed right to become more involved in the issues and challenges that lay ahead for our fast-growing township,” Marc Lalonde said. “With rapid expansion comes the need to preserve and promote our sense of community in our villages and neighbouring farms. I came to Russell Township in 1983 and was instantly drawn to its charm, its volunteer spirit and ‘can-do’ attitude. I want to be a part of the next council to help ensure these important attributes and values remain at the core of who we are as a township.”

Lalonde, whose had a “keen interest in local politics for quite some time,” has submitted nomination papers to become one of Russell’s candidates for councillor in the upcoming 2022 municipal election. This would-be first-time councillor served on Russell’s Planning Advisory Committee in 1989-1990, and he’s also acted as moderator for several candidate debates in the Village of Russell.

“I hope the next council will follow through on my proposal for the creation of a much-needed Affordable Housing Strategy which was well supported by the present council. The wellbeing of our seniors, disabled and low-income families depends on this,” Lalonde said, responding to a question about his goals if elected. “Proper oversight and prudent fiscal management of the proposed sports complex will be paramount for the sake of our resident taxpayers. The careful planning of ongoing major development identified by United Counties of Prescott and Russell for our township. Growing concern by residents on the increase in car traffic and the safety challenges it poses for pedestrians must be studied more closely. These are just a few of the many important issues facing our township in the coming four years.”

A volunteer in the Russell community for more than 30 years, Lalonde has worked on a variety of community-based, as well as church-based projects. He coordinated the construction of the first tennis court facility and implemented a tennis instruction program. He worked alongside others to preserve what is now the Russell Community and Sports Centre. He chaired the finance committee at his local church.

“My involvement in several community-based projects over the last three decades, coupled with the business and administration skills I acquired over 33 years at the Canadian Dairy Commission, makes me a strong candidate for the position of councillor for our township,” Lalonde said. “A council is only as good as the people who serve on it.”