“Standing up for you. Strength. Stability. Liberty. Good government.” It is time for change and Claude is deeply committed to being the voice of this constituency. With great determination and passion, he seeks to work with, support, and speak out for individuals, businesses, and community organizations, to represent the interests and concerns in provincial parliament. Claude strongly believes that government must remain accountable to the people and that elected officials must uphold their duty to listen to and represent their constituents respectfully, transparently, and in a lawful and dignified manner.

Claude is fluently bilingual. Claude’s military career as pilot began in the RCAF in 1979, after which he transferred into the Air Reserve from 1990-2006.

“I consider myself to be your public servant and I will hold myself accountable to my constituents. I will provide my constituents with my voting record on any motions brought before Queen’s Park, whether or not the votes are publicly recorded. I am willing to bring forward private member bills that will benefit the development and growth of our constituency and promote growth for small business.”