Give ’em a hand!
Former cabinet minister for Jean Chrétien, Dan Boudria (right) helped introduce current Glengarry-Prescott-Russell MP and Liberal nominee, Francis Drouin to the podium for his speech during his nomination rally on May 27. Glover photo

EMBRUN – “It doesn’t seem that long ago, we were celebrating a Liberal victory in our riding,” said Marie-Noelle Lanthier, president of the Federal Liberal Association, getting ready to introduce current Glengarry-Prescott-Russell MP and Liberal nominee Francis Drouin. “Yet so much has been accomplished since then. From the challenges around the international trade to the need for more support for the middle class, to more investment in local infrastructure.”

With the applause and cheers of supporters, Francis Drouin took to the podium at his campaign nomination rally Mon., May 27; firing up the crowd with his promises of new economic strategies in the future if re-elected in the federal election this fall.

“I believe in economic strategies that don’t leave a man or woman behind,” he said to the applauding crowd. “An economy that believes and invests in its youths.”

Drouin, with his arm pumped in the air, told the crowd that working outside the box and “changing the formula” is necessary to get certain projects off the ground that benefit rural communities.

“Changing the formula made the projects like access to municipal water in Maxville possible,” he said. “As more and more Canadians live in urban communities, the need for stronger, rural voices in parliament are becoming more important.”

During his first run, Drouin has put in many hours on the broadband infrastructure file to ensure that every household and business in the country can have high-speed internet by the year 2030. He’s very thrilled that there is now a long-term plan in this commitment, no matter how rural the household or business is but still wants to continue the work.

“Four years ago, we had no long-term plan to connect Canadians through broadband,” he said. “But because of you and because the prime minister listened, we now have a long-term plan for rural broadband and our own minister for Rural Economic Development.”

Ready to end his speech to shake hands and take pictures with his supporters, Drouin, once again, nailed in his intention to represent the riding of Glengarry-Prescott-Russell in the coming years. With his previous accomplishments preceding him, he is determined to keep his plans in motion to better serve his communities.

“My friends, I’m running to be your Liberal candidate in 2019,” he said in a vigorous end to his speech. “I believe we have the best plan to respond to the needs of today and tomorrow!”