The Raven’s Aurel Tebeu is leading the team in points this season, closely followed by teammate Logan Kinsella. Glover photo

RUSSELL – The St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School Ravens Intermediate Boys’ basketball team travelled to Russell High School and St. Francis Xavier Catholic High School for their first games of the PRSSAA season.

Ravens 62 Falcons 44
The Ravens got off to a good start offensively in the first quarter scoring 21 points, while the Falcons were held to only 10. The Falcons answered in the second quarter upping their defensive strategy, keeping the Ravens to eight but their offence couldn’t push back enough, only beating the Ravens by one point. The Ravens took the 29-19 lead into the second half.

Once again, the Falcons answered the Ravens basket for basket, beating the Ravens in the third quarter by three points with 15 to their 12 making the score 41-34 for the Ravens. Regaining their offensive speed the Ravens decided to mirror their stellar first quarter scoring 21 points and holding the Falcons to 10. The Ravens took the game with a final score of 62-44.

Scoring for the Ravens were: Aurel Tebeu with 24 points, Logan Kinsella with 22, Jacob Blair with four, Nolan Henry and Logan Newel with three and Jake Brennan, Hunter Brunk-Ayotte and Bryce Weisgerber with deuces.

Ravens 58 T-Wolves 36
On April 24, the PRSSAA held their first tournament at Russell High School. St. Thomas Aquinas Ravens met the T-Wolves for the first time of the season.

The Ravens and T-Wolves went neck and neck during the first quarter, the Ravens pulling ahead by one point as the quarter ended 11-10. In the second quarter, the Ravens offence exploded out of the gate scoring 18 points while holding the T-Wolves to only 7, making the score 29-17 heading into halftime.

The T-Wolves tried to make a push for a comeback in the third quarter, but the Ravens held the T-Wolves to 14 points versus their 17. In the final quarter, the Ravens didn’t let up, stacking another 12 points on the board while the T-Wolves could only manage five. The Ravens took the game 58-36.

Scoring for the Ravens were: Aurel Tebeu with 15 points, Logan Kinsella with 16, Jacob Belair with 10, Bryce Weisgerber with six, Logan Newell with five, Nolan Henry with three, Spencer Heuft with two and Hunter Brunk-Ayotte with one.

Scoring for the T-Wolves were: Jack Hill with 14, Dylan O’Meara with eight, Kayleb Gill with eight, Brandon Wallace and Phoenix Baxter with three.

Ravens 49 Falcons 33
The Ravens got off to a good start in the first quarter scoring 10 points but their defence couldn’t hold the Falcons off the board letting them get 12 points. The Ravens made a big change in the second quarter only letting two points for the Falcons while the offence brought in 18. The Ravens took the 28-14 lead into the second half.

Once again in the third quarter, the Ravens held off the Falcons’ attack only allowing six points and adding another 15 to their board. The Falcons tried to make a comeback in the fourth quarter scoring 13 points and keeping the Ravens to six, but it wasn’t enough to change the game. The Ravens took the win 49-33.

Scoring for the Ravens were: Aurel Tebeu with 16, Logan Kinsella with 13, Bryce Weisgerber with eight, Jacob Belair with six and Nolan Henry and Logan Newel with three each.