Stirring up a storm
Elly Lefebvre and Carissa Howick learned to make the fluffiest pancakes during the first lesson of the Dundas Youth Centre’s eight-week youth cooking program. Glover photo

CHESTERVILLE – After running the successful cooking program, Food Explorers, back in September through to November, the Dundas Youth Centre has started a new eight-week youth cooking program at North Dundas District High School (NDDHS) for ages nine to 17.

“After our cooking program, Food Explorers, last year went so well, I figured we’d try to do it again but in a different location,” said Kaitlin Herfkens, youth facilitator for the Dundas Youth Centre and instructor. “So we’re trying to give older students a chance to join our program and give them a chance to learn how to cook before they might hit college or have to cook on their own as they get to those higher ages. This is a free eight-week workshop and every week we’ll be learning new and different things.”

On the first day of the program Mon., Jan. 14, participants were taught how to make their own pancakes with whatever special touch they wanted to add, from cinnamon to syrup to fruit. During the program, the participants will learn about different ways to prepare meals and desserts while also learning what types of ingredients are best to use.

“Every week, we’ll be learning about different things, different meal preps, how to properly use the stove, the oven, all that good stuff,” said Herfkens. “In week two, we’ll be talking about the importance and balance of lunches. In week three, we’re going to be talking snacks and healthy balances like smoothies and granola bites. In lesson four, we’ll be learning about growing foods and what we can harvest in our own gardens. Throughout the program, we’ll be learning many different lessons and I hope more people decide to join.”

The first lesson of the program was meant to be Mon., Jan. 7 but due to poor weather conditions, the class was pushed to Jan. 14. Herfkens confirms that this will not interfere with the eight-week plan.