Special award winners
From the left, Tamara Hamilton (Top Intermediate/Senior Agricultural member), Anna Schoeni (Soil & Crop Award for top soil and crop points from the Russell Fair), Samantha Hildbrand (Top Dairy Novice/Junior member) and Dominic Meyerhans (Top Agricultural Member Award). Glover photo

Kory Glover
Villager Staff
LIMOGES – The Russell County 4-H Club has finally wrapped up their latest season, celebrating with a banquet to award their most achieving members.

“The awards banquet is a wrap-up of our 4-H season,” said Bonnie Bergeron, secretary of the 4-H Association. “We start in Novemeber and go until the next November. This year we were very fortunate to have enough leaders to offer seven different clubs and it’s the celebration of everyone’s achievements.”

The club has special awards based on showmanship, attendance and skills. This year’s banquet had five special awards to hand out to overachieving members.

Graceson Bergeron, who was absent from the banquet due to work conflicts, won the Jack James Memorial Leadership Award for outstanding leadership in the Russell County and contributes most to all aspects of the 4-H program.

Dominic Meyerhans won the Top Agricultural Member Award. The Top Intermediate/Senior Agricultural member was awarded to Tamara Hamilton based on showmanship, judging and attendance.

The award for Top Dairy Novice/Junior member was tied with Samantha Hildbrand and Ceilidh Neman, who was absent from the banquet due to other commitments.

Anna Schoeni won the Soil & Crop Award for top soil and crop points from the Russell Fair.

The 4-H Dairy Achievement Day results are as follows:

Grand Champion Showsperson: Tamara Hamilton, Reserve Grand Champion Showperson: Samantha Hildbrand, Honourable Mention Showperson: Melissa Brisson, Supreme All Breeds Champion 4-H Calf: Tamara Hamilton, Reserve Supreme All Breed 4-H Calf: Graceson Bergeron, Honourable Mention Supreme 4-H Calf: Taylor Henry, Grand Champion Holstein: Tamara Hamilton, Reserve Champion Holstein: Mariel Lamarche, Honourable Mention Champion Holstein: Melissa Brisson, Grand Champion Ayrshire: Graceson Bergeron, Reserve Champion Ayrshire: Ceilidh Neman, Honourable Mention Champion Ayrshire: Troy McWilliams, Grand Champion Jersey: Taylor Henry, Reserve Champion Jersey: Taylor Lemoyre, Best Bred and Owned 4-H Heifer: Dominic Meyerhans.