Dynamic duo
Husband and wife team, Julie Surprenant and Francois Grégoire wanted to give back to the community and they figured, what better way to get to a community’s heart but through their stomaches.       Glover photo

Kory Glover
Villager Staff
LIMOGES – Duo Julie Surprenant and Francois Grégoire wanted to give back to the community in a meaningful way, and what better way than their hungry stomaches.

The pair donated food through their annual food drive Sun., Nov. 18, at Saint-Viateur Catholic Elementary School, gathering a number of volunteers to help prepare and serve it back to the hungry public.

“My husband and I, we donate the food for all the volunteers to prepare it and we have a big bunch of ladies that are here to help us out, approximately 10 volunteers today” said Surprenant. “My husband and I buy the food and we donate it to the food drive.”

Surprenant and Grégoire were able to donate a staggering amount of food for the cause, racking up approximately $500 worth of goods.

“We were able to gather about $500 worth of food for today’s drive,” said Surprenant. “We made 15 pounds of chili, we have chicken noodle soup and then there are four kinds of sandwiches, pickles, cheese, vegetables and dessert.”

Grégoire owns Résidence Limoges, a group home for people living with mental health, and according to the duo, the public has been fantastic supporting them and the residence. It was this support that led them to this food drive.

“The residents, the people are very good to our business,” said Surprenant. “So, we give back, we return the favour, that’s how we do it.”