Family support
Francine Duncan’s (second from right) family was in attendance at the grand opening to show their support in the continuing success of her event decorating business. From left to right, Francine’s stepson and North Dundas Mayor Eric Duncan, stepdaughter Jill Murphy holding step-grandson Kane, husband Ed Duncan and daughter Martine Payne.   Glover photo

Francine Duncan moved into the new building beside JED Express on June 1 of this year. She admits that business has improved greatly since the move. Glover photo

Kory Glover
Record Staff
SOUTH MOUNTAIN – Despite being in business since 2016, Francine Duncan held the grand opening to her event decorating business, Joy to Share, Wed., Oct. 17 in South Mountain after finally completing construction of the brand new building.

“I was hoping that this building was going to be built last fall but we had a little setback and I couldn’t start until this spring,” said Duncan. “I moved everything into this building, with the help of a bunch of volunteers, on June 1. That was my very busy season and then we come to now when business starts to slow down, even though I still have seven more weddings to the end of 2018.”

According to Duncan, her business has improved ever since she moved into her new building because she now looks like a legitimate business to the community.

“Business has been much better since we’ve moved into the building because now people see where I’m located compared to tractor trailers,” she said. “It was much harder to appear as a legitimate business when I was in the yard of JED Express.”

Duncan’s family, her husband Ed Duncan, owner of JED Express, stepson Eric Duncan, North Dundas mayor, stepdaughter Jill Murphy and daughter Martine Payne were all in attendance to show their support for her continuing success in the South Mountain community.

“I appreciate everyone coming out to share this grand opening with me and my family,” said Duncan.