Tony Fraser wins the vote
North Dundas mayoral candidate Tony Fraser ran a successful campaign that included months of hard work. During the kick-off the campaign in late May, Fraser spoke with many North Dundas residents including Ruth Gilroy of Chesterville. Fraser was voted in as mayor elect on Mon., Oct. 22.      Thompson Goddard photo

The turnout for the municipal election results was higher than expected, with everyone eagerly waiting for the announcement of the new council for the next four years. Glover photo

Kory Glover
Record Staff
NORTH DUNDAS – After a long and exhausting election season, North Dundas welcomes Tony Fraser and Al Armstrong as their new mayor and deputy-mayor, respectively.

Gary Annable was noticeably emotional after garnering the majority of votes for the councillor candidate race. Glover photo

Fraser won earning 2,436 votes (61 per cent), beating out Gerry Boyce’s 1,582 votes. Armstrong won in a landslide, earning 3,078 votes (78 per cent) compared to Brad Pinch’s 886 votes.

Fraser stated that he looks forward to working with his fellow councillors going into the new year, and that he doesn’t want to fill the shoes of Eric Duncan but create his own path.

“I look forward to working with my fellow councillors and getting a fresh start to the new year,” he said. “You always want to be cautious of the fact that you have to keep working at a goal and I like to think that I didn’t take anyone for granted. For the new year, the goal is to re-introduce us for the two new council members, to make sure they’re brought up to speed as efficiently as possible. The shoes I had to fill, I don’t know if that’s possible, that’s not my goal and I hope people understand that. Eric Duncan was a special person and did a special job and I like to think that I can come to some measure of what he’s been able to accomplish.”

The council has re-introduced John Thompson to the table as well as introducing two new councillors, Tyler Hoy and Gary Annable.

Hoy was especially a surprise councillor elect with 1,522 votes (14 per cent) because his appearances at the debates were not his strong suit but his one-on-one interactions with the residents was enough to earn him a seat. Hoy believes his reputation within the community helped him get elected.

“I think my reputation within the county helped, more one-on-one with residents,” he said. “The debates helped a little bit, got some people I didn’t know or know me but for the most part, I think it was straight-up community.”

Hoy hesitated to continue his campaign after his mother suddenly passed away last month, but he decided to continue because of all the support he received.

“I had some hesitation for a little while when mom passed away but I had the support to continue on, so I said, ‘Guess I’m going to continue on,’” he said.

Gary Annable earned 3,346 votes (31 per cent) and John Thompson earned 2,696 votes (25 per cent).