Pictured from left, Emily Dozois, John Dozois, Megan Bauer, Peggy Bauer and Jo Dozois. Not pictured: Katie Bauer. Emily managed to raise $1,300 for Gavin’s cause with the used book sale.     Glover photo

Kory Glover
Villager Staff
OSGOODE – Gavin Bourbonnais has been diagnosed with a gene mutation called chronic granulomatous disease (CGD), meaning that his body can detect infections but it can’t protect him in any way, making him the youngest child diagnosed at CHEO at three-years-old.

His six-year-old sister, Ila, has agreed to give him a bone marrow transplant that will ultimately fix his condition but Gavin’s family had to relocate to Montreal for treatment. Even though the treatment is covered, the relocation costs are proving difficult for the family, so that’s where Gavin’s cousin Emily Dozois jumped in to help.

Dozois has been working hard fundraising for Gavin, even starting a GoFundMe campaign that has currently raised $11,425. Recently, she has organized a used book sale on Sun., Sept. 30 at the Osgoode Youth Association to help earn extra funding for the family’s relocation to Montreal.

“The treatment is covered but unfortunately, they don’t do it at CHEO, the nearest treatment centre is in Montreal, so his family had to relocate there, so we’re trying to help with the cost of that,” said Dozois. “Also, his mother hasn’t been able to work because she’s been caring for him. We’re just doing what we can for the family.”

Dozois managed to raise $1,300 with the used book sale, meaning that they have raised over $20,000 in fundraising so far for Gavin.

Osgoode Ward councillor and candidate George Darouze was very happy with the quick turnout, with people filing in only 15 minutes after opening the doors.

“I’m very happy with the turnout, it shows how much this community cares about their neighbours and fellow residents,” he said. “This is a great cause to come out and support and I’m glad it’s as successful as it is.”

If you would like to support Gavin in his journey, you can do so by visiting the GoFundMe page at www.gofundme.com/a-cure-for-gavin.