Official opening of Long Sault Pharmacy
Pharmacist/Owner Bryan Haley cut the ribbon, officially opening the Long Sault Pharmacy with a pair of oversized scissors on June 10. Pictured here, from left, are Pharmacy Assistant Coralie Theoret, Ingleside Pharmacist/Manager Dave Mancini, South Stormont Mayor Jim Bancroft, SDSG MPP Jim McDonell, Pharmacist/owner Bryan Haley and Clerk Donna Perkins.        Thompson Goddard photo

Carolyn Thompson Goddard
Record Contributor
LONG SAULT – On May 29, the Long Sault Pharmacy opened its doors for business and on June 10 the official opening ceremony was held. This business is in the Long Sault Plaza and like the Ingleside Pharmacy is owned by Pharmacist Bryan Haley.

An increasing population, three assisted living areas and senior apartments in Long Sault resulted in Haley realizing the need for a pharmacy in this small community and when the space became available in the plaza he decided it was time to expand his business into this village.

During the official opening, South Stormont Mayor Jim Bancroft stressed the importance of small businesses, such as the Long Sault Pharmacy, to a community, with SDSG MPP Jim McDonell commenting on the significant role a pharmacy plays in a community.

Haley commented there is home delivery available, the opportunity to rent medical and home health-care devices and is looking forward to being able to carry more goods in the future.

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