Despite the hot weather, staff provided a shady spot to enjoy a barbeque lunch and socialize. Thompson Goddard Photo

MORRISBURG – For close to a century, the Emard family have been serving people in the Seaway Valley with making their dreams come true.

Emard Brothers Lumber, with locations in Cornwall, Ingleside and Morrisburg, provide customers with a one-stop location to receive assistance in planning, designing and constructing their home sweet home.

Casey Emard, the great granddaughter of founders Joseph and George Emard, explains the company began in Cornwall with a window and door shop in 1925, with the Ingleside location opening in 2021 and in 2023 the company expanded to include the Morrisburg location.

Her father Chris with his brother Andrew currently own the business, following in the footsteps of Maurice and Luke Emard who ran the company after founding brothers Joseph and George Emard retired.

“I like dealing with the public.” commented Andrew, who mentioned he enjoys working with people, and helping them with their projects.  He called the business a “one stop shop” which provides people with everything they might need for a project from the materials needed for the foundation, to those required for the roof.

He explained how at Emard Brothers, their clients can get everything they need, including kitchen and bathroom design as well as the materials for the project. Casey explained how on occasion people will bring in the blueprints for a new build and they are provided with a quote for materials, receive help to coordinate the project as well as recommend local contractors to do the work.

There are challenges in any business, with Casey mentioning how when opening a new location these include getting known in the new community, and developing a relationship with local contractors and clients, noting small communities are very welcoming. Casey continued how their clients are interested in both the do-it-yourself option as well as engaging a contractor for specialized projects and are offered the opportunity to order the materials needed.

Andrew commented how when starting or expanding a business, there is a need to do your homework, learning about the competition and ensuring there is a solid base of support. In this field of business, learning and getting to know the local contractors is an important component of ensuring the business is successful.

On June 20, 2024, the Morrisburg location held a well attended barbeque luncheon to introduce the company to the local community. People were able to enjoy barbeque sausages or hot dogs as well as side dishes while socializing with company personnel and getting a firsthand look at the showroom and store.

More information on Emard Brothers is available on their website located at, Facebook and other social media sites.


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