From the left, front row: Station 3 Firefighter Nathalie Guilbault, North Stormont Deputy Mayor Steve Densham , GFL Environmental Vice-President of Landfill and Compost Operations – eastern Canada Jean-Philippe Laliberté, North Stormont Fire Chief Nancy-Ann Gauthier, GFL Environmental Moose Creek general manager Prashant Vats, North Stormont Mayor François Landry, North Stormont Fire Station 2 Captain Alain Aubin. Back row: North Stormont Fire Station 2 Training Officer Patrick Cadieux, North Stormont Station 1 Deputy Chief Steve Tait, North Stormont Deputy Chief Station 2 Deputy Chief Kevin Lapp, North Stormont Station 3 Firefighter James Burns, Fire Department Administrative Assistant Julie Montcalm, North Stormont Fire Station 4 Firefighter Alex Lewis. Thompson Goddard Photo

CRYSLER – Dignitaries, GFL Environmental and members from the four North Stormont fire stations and administrative personnel gathered at North Stormont Fire Station 2 in Crysler on May 21 for a donation by GFL Environmental. A strong community supporter in North Stormont, GFL Environmental presented the municipality with a cheque for $260,000 with the funds donated used by the municipality to purchase fire service vehicles.

“Over the years GFL has proven to be a reliable community partner,” said North Stormont Mayor François Landry in a press release following the presentation. He continued how the generosity of this company has been “illustrated through a number of donations to our township that have allowed for the construction of a new community centre, as an example, and now allows us to secure fire service vehicles that will make our township safer.” He mentioned how firefighters are a corner stone and foundation of the community and thanked GFL for its support, which echoed the remarks from Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry MPP Nolan Quinn.

North Stormont Deputy Mayor Steve Densham mentioned how “I’m grateful for GFL’s continued commitment to making a positive impact in our community. This contribution to our local fire station will help keep North Stormont residents safe for many years to come.”

“With hearts full of thanks, we gather to acknowledge the remarkable contributions made towards acquiring a vital asset for our community – fire trucks. In times of crisis and emergencies, the value of swift and effective response cannot be overstated. It is the difference between containment and catastrophe, safety, and peril. And today, because of your selfless contributions, we stand one step closer to ensuring the continuity of the safety and security of our neighborhoods, our families, and our livelihoods.” said North Stormont Fire Chief Nancy-Ann Gauthier.

She then presented a challenge coin to GFL representatives. Explaining a challenge coin is “most often given out to service members in the military and first responders like firefighters, police officers and EMS workers, in recognition of their service to their nations and communities. We at North Stormont Fire have designed such a coin and proud to call GFL a member of our family.

GFL Vice-President of Landfill and Compost Operations – Eastern Ontario Philippe Laliberté commented how the sponsorship fits perfectly with a company core value which is to operate safe for life and is an indication of their long-term commitment to the North Stormont community.

Following the ceremony a reception was held at North Stormont Fire Station 2 where people were able to socialize while enjoying some light refreshments.