Darren Doucet, who with his wife Joanne, operate Cooter’s Automotive in Crysler, is seen at the door to his office. Thompson Goddard Photo

CRYSLER – With people on the move a lot of the time, having access to a garage which is reliable and knowledgeable in the automobile field is needed.  Since it began in January 2019, Cooter’s Automotive located at 11 Queen Street in Crysler works to ensure customers are satisfied with the work they receive there.

The business was established in January 2019 by Joanne and Darren Doucet. “I started the business because I wanted to run my own shop to have control over day-to- day operations. Cooter’s Automotive provides its customers with information and service in all aspects of vehicle maintenance and repair” as well as an automotive machine shop onsite.” said Darren.

He mentioned interactions with the clients and customers is one of the more enjoyable aspects of running a small business.  When asked about the challenges associated with running a business, Darren noted there are lots of challenges, noting how “every aspect of this business has had its challenges.”

He continued how the challenges include the lack of government support for small business and financial considerations.  He mentioned how they are overcome by dealing with them in as positive a manner as possible, continuing how “the rewards greatly outweigh the challenges.”

For someone who is considering starting a small business, Darren commented how the ability and “fortitude to move forward through the tough times” is very important, as well as having a good support system in place.  Being a business owner is not a 9 to 5 job, mentioning there will be long hours of work, for which the owner is not always compensated by with a paycheck.

More information on Cooter’s Automotive is available on their Facebook page or by calling the business at 613- 987-2911.


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