Some of the volunteers and organizers gathered for a photo opportunity during the fundraising spaghetti dinner held in support of Avonmore Elementary School on April 12. From the left, front row: Clarke McBain, Myla McBain. Back row: Blair Rolland, Tegan Burd, Emily Begg, Vanessa McBain, Kaela Coleman, Jacob Jackson and Jordan Jackson. Thompson Goddard Photo

AVONMORE – It was a great way to begin a spring weekend, enjoy a delicious spaghetti dinner with family and friends while fundraising for Avonmore Elementary School (AES) held in the Jean Canham Hall at North Stormont Place on April 12.

“It is very heartwarming to see the school council and the community come together to support our students” commented AES Vice Principal Emily Begg during the event. She noted how school council co-chairs Kaela Coleman and Vanessa McBain facilitated the organizing of the dinner and the parent volunteers who worked at the event.

She explained that close to 250 tickets were sold, noting that tickets were first offered to students and their families and then offered to the community with Remedy Rx Pharmacy in Avonmore selling tickets. The funds raised from the dinner will be split between the Avonmore Community Athletic Association (ACAA) and the school, with Begg mentioning the money the school received will be used for school activities.

For those who weren’t able to purchase a ticket beforehand, Begg explained they were able to have a take-out meal, mentioning how take-out meals were delivered to Morningside Place retirement residence in Avonmore.

During the event, several student volunteers from Tagwi Secondary School and the Grade Six class at AES served up the food and cleared tables, with parent volunteers were busy in the Mavis Wert Galley preparing food. Beggs mentioned how the School Council will be providing some funding for the Grade Six end of school trip and the students from the class were happy to help out at the dinner as a way of thanking the SC.

In addition to a photo booth at the event, people were able to participate in a silent auction as well as purchase seed pops from the school’s Global Kids Club. Funds raised by the seed pops will be used to create a community garden at the Avonmore Park, in collaboration with St. Lawrence College and the Good Garden Guild in Avonmore. Begg explained this is a “real world learning experience for the students” and described how the food generated from the gardens will be distributed to people in the community.

A sincere thank you was expressed by organizers and Begg for the volunteers who helped at the event, to the local people and businesses who donated funds and items for the silent auction and to the community for their support. The Cornwall Knights of Columbus were thanked for their donation of spaghetti sauce and the pharmacy in Avonmore for their assistance in selling tickets.