It may not be the largest shoe store you’ve ever been in, but you’ll have a difficult time finding another store that offers the selection and level of customer service offered at Farran Footwear.   Tinkess Photo

Ingleside – Farran Footwear in Ingleside, Ontario is a relatively small store in a small community, but the selection they have to offer and the quality of customer service they provide has created an extremely loyal customer base.

Carol Delorme is the business owner, and she has seen it grow over the past 12 years to become a shopping destination for many people. “We see a lot of people from the community,” says Delorme, “But people will also come from a long distance to shop. We have people coming from Brockville, from Ottawa, Montreal and everywhere in between. We have a really good selection for the size of the store. That’s everybody’s biggest compliment to us is how much we have to offer in such a tiny little store.”

The staff, and the service they provide also helps to set Farran Footwear apart. “Everybody loves our staff,” adds Delorme. “The staff is very patient and takes the time with every customer to explain the product and how things fit. They really give every customer the royal treatment. My staff is fantastic!”

The level of care you receive at Farran Footwear is unusual in this modern-day, serve-yourself world. The shoes are in the stock room, so they will get your size and bring them out to the sales floor. They might recommend different styles that would fit your foot better. “People have different shapes of feet and with so many shoes now made in Europe, shoes are made differently than they used to be in the old days,” said Delorme. “One company might fit a little fuller than another or a little narrower than another and when we see people’s feet, we can usually fit their needs.”

Farran Footwear carries a variety of brands for both men and women and the one thing they have in common is a high degree of quality.  They are an independent shoe store, and as a result they carry a range of independent brands, names like Rieker and Remonte. Blundstone is also very popular right now for everybody and all age groups. With summer not that far off, sandals will also soon be in high demand.

“You know our sandals are coming in and the sandals seasons is a huge season for us,” said Delorme, “And we get a lot of stuff from Europe, from Spain, from Portugal, and from Italy. Even Mexico is now a good market for good leather sandals. We’re looking forward to the spring season because it’s a highlight of the year all the time. Campers start coming and they come back year after year.”

If you can’t get into the store, you can shop online at their website ( or you can purchase online and pick up in the store if you like. Or you can just look at the pictures online and come in the store and they’ll get your selection out for you.

In addition to footwear, Farran Footwear also offers a selection of accessories such as purses, wallets, socks, and other accessories.

Farran Footwear is located at 15 Dickinson Drive in Ingleside. You can reach them by phone at 613 537 2827, by email at, or through the contact page on their website (

They are open seven days a week, 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. They are closed on statutory holidays.

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