Keshia Pretty, owner of Pretty Lash Bar and Spa is seen in the waiting area of her office.  Thompson Goddard Photo

RUSSELL – For many people, visits to a cosmetologist is an important part of their personal care regime. There are as many reasons for visiting a spa as there are individuals. These range from self care, skin care, helping with medical issues, as well as assisting in stress relief and circulatory issues.

Keshia Pretty is the owner of Pretty Lash Bar and Spa located at 140 Craig Street in Russell. Her calm and confident demeanour can be attributed to her extensive expertise in the field. She is a certified esthetician, cosmetician, and Master Lash technician with over 12 years experience in the field. Services offered to her clients include facials, waxing, eyelash extensions, and lash lifting as well as manicures and pedicures. An important feature of her business is the provision of mobile spa services as well as providing adults or children with the opportunity to hold spa parties in their homes.

Pretty provides her clients with information on the benefits and procedures associated with the services offered. Once the client decides to proceed with a service, she strives to ensure it is done to the client’s satisfaction, noting customer satisfaction is an important priority.

The ability to set her own schedule and to help people are two main reasons which provide Pretty with a strong sense of job satisfaction. Some of the challenges she has faced include appointment scheduling and communication, with Pretty noting to overcome these requires patience, remaining calm and working through situations when they arise. She continued the two main skills required for this line of work are the development of good communication abilities and good customer service skills.

For those thinking of entering this field, Pretty suggests flexibility, well developed marketing, and communication skills as being very important in developing a career in cosmetology. She mentioned that last minute schedule changes are part of the job and good customer service is an integral part of working in this field. Pretty mentioned it takes time to develop clients, noting that advertisement is an important part of business development.

More information can be found on her Facebook page or by calling Pretty at 613-296-8173.

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