The Ingleside, Long Sault, Lost Villages Lions Club had placed pumpkins around the fountain during the Pumpkin Hunt on Sunday at the South Stormont Township Municipal building. Tinkess Photo

LONG SAULT – The Ingleside, Long Sault, Lost Villages Lions Club got a bit of a jump on the Halloween season by hosting a pumpkin hunt on Sun., Oct. 22 at the South Stormont Community Hall.

It was a wet, gloomy day (perfect for Halloween activities) but the children and their parents who arrived early got to jump right into games and activities that were available inside.

Zion Dean, age seven was the first to arrive. According to his mom Chantal, he was masquerading as a piñata, and having a great time. “We’re super stoked to come to this, this morning,” said Chantal, “We’re supposed to [play] soccer outdoors, but when we looked out this morning it was miserable. So, we decided we don’t need to go to soccer this morning, we will just do this beautiful event and have some fun indoors.”

Next to arrive was a bundle of energy by the name of Madeline Bowden, age five, and she was accompanied by her mother Jennifer. Madeline immediately headed over to a game where you were supposed to knock over some cans that had been piled on top of each other to resemble a pyramid. She was having a great time throwing bean bags to knock them over.

In addition to the games, children had to “hunt” for their pumpkin, and then were allowed to paint faces on them. After building up an appetite they were then able to have a bite to eat as “Chef” Lion Reg Coffey was busy in the kitchen. Hot dogs and drinks were available and the total cost per child was $5.

The Lions moved the event to the South Stormont Community Hall several years ago, and it was a good decision since the weather is never predictable and the hall offers more than enough room for kids to be kids.

The Ingleside Long Sault Lost Villages Lions Club was formed in 2015 and they are actively engaged in adding to the quality of life in their community.