Thanks to The Ontario Trillium Fund, a utility vehicle, complete with a trail mower will allow the Crysler trail to be maintained 12 months of the year. Previously, the trail was closed during the winter months. From left: Pierre Thibault, North Stormont Recreation Committee, Adrian Bugelli, North Stormont Councillor, Andre Lavictoire, president, Crysler Citizens Committee, and Nolan Quinn, MPP Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry.   Tinkess Photo

CRYSLER – On Wed., Aug. 9 representatives of the North Stormont Recreation Committee, and Crysler Citizens Committee along with Nolan Quinn, MPP Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry MPP and Adrian Bugelli, North Stormont Councillor gathered in the Crysler Dome recreation facility to show how the $137,000 in funding they received through two grants from the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) had been put to good use.

The grants from the Ontario Trillium Foundation funded a pair of infrastructure projects which are expected to greatly benefit the local community.

“I am pleased to hear that the North Stormont Community Centre received funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to financially support these projects,” said MPP Quinn. “The heated accessible washroom and the equipment to maintain the trails are sure to have a positive impact on the community.”

A $60,400 Capital Grant, first awarded in 2022, funded the purchase of a utility vehicle, complete with a trail mower, that will allow for grooming activities to take place 12 months of the year. Previously, Crysler Trail was closed during the winter months.

In addition, a $76,600 Community Building Fund – Capital Stream Grant was awarded in December 2021 to add a ventilation system and a heated accessible washroom in the Crysler Recreation Dome, providing safe, year-round use for community members.

“Municipal council would like to thank our Ontario Trillium partners for the grant supports for these projects,” said Coun. Adrian Bugelli, representing Mayor Frank Landry. “Historically, the township and our Ontario Trillium partners have had a strong and supportive relationship. These Trillium funding resources for both of these projects continues this tradition. The accessible washroom facilities, and the UTV and trail mower equipment, will have a significant, and positive, impact on our rural community.”

“These projects allow for increased use of both the dome and trail network,” added Pierre Thibault of the North Stormont Recreation Committee. “Programming at the Crysler Recreation Dome does incorporate many events tailored to our most vulnerable populations. This accessible washroom will expand public participation in all events hosted within the public venue.

“The Crysler trail provides exercise space within a natural environment. The trail equipment will allow year-round access to the trail and ensure the trail system is maintained for added safety and enjoyment of local users and visitors from outside township boundaries.”

The Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) is an agency of the government of Ontario, and has been providing grants for community-based projects for the past 40 years. Last year, OTF invested over $110 million into 1,022 community projects and partnerships.