Cats and dogs have a friend in Joey McNalty. Courtesy Photo


WILLIAMSBURG – A great many pet owners pay special attention to the health of their pets or as often is the case their best furry friend.

Apart from a good healthy diet and lots of love and attention, and exercise, pets, dogs, or cats also need to have certain physical needs looked after.

Nail trimming for cats and dogs is extremely important when it comes to maintaining healthy, and comfortable feet for your pet, and making sure that their fur is looked after is just as important.

Joe’s Pet Services located in Williamsburg looks after the grooming needs of your pet.

The owner of the grooming service is Joseph McNalty.

He started up his business after COVID hit and like so many other employees of companies, they found themselves with reduced hours where they were working, and decided they would try and work for themselves.

 “I worked at a kennel doing nail trims and small grooms. I started getting asked to do home visits for nail trims. Then COVID hit and the business at the kennel slowed down, and I got put down to part-time. I then began doing nail trims and small grooms at home part-time and eventually it got busy enough that I was able to quit the kennel and groom full-time,” said McNalty.

“I began in 2020, and I offer nail trims, bath and trims, haircuts, and full grooms. I do not do anal glands.

As he became busier, he enlisted the help of his daughter Steffany Margison.

Nail trimming is an important aspect of looking after your pet.

If nails are not trimmed or at the very least filed down regularly, they can grow to the point where a cat or dog is uncomfortable. A disregarded nail can curl back into the paw pad or toes of the animal. Sometimes a nail that is too long can accidentally get ripped off as the animal plays or goes about its business.

It is not uncommon for nails of both cats and dogs to become caught up in the fabric of furniture. Left unattended a damaged nail can lead to a visit to the veterinarian.

A dog that has access to a concrete surface on a regular basis and can run on it often, their nails will naturally file down on their own.

But dogs that normally run on a grassy surface or do not get out very much run the risk of having longer nails.

“We enjoy grooming Golden Retrievers,” said McNalty.

 “We started out learning on Golden’s and still have a soft spot for them today.”

 A sign that he has put an animal at ease is when he brings them back to their owners, and the animal hesitates, and has to think if they want to stay or go home.

His grooming business is growing.

“I plan on building a bigger space in the future,” said Mcnalty.

 “I go to customers’ homes for nail trims, and I’ll make the occasional exception for in home grooms.”

Grooming any kind of animal can have its challenges. Depending on the temperament and grooming experiences that dog, or cat has had, will determine how much of a challenge they will be to work with.

 “I deal with nervous and difficult animals all the time. I’m the only groomer that can handle some of the more nervous pups around,” said Mcnalty.

“I just take my time. I give plenty of breaks, lots of love and I’ll even take them out for a short walk. “

Mcnalty has a healthy respect for aggressive cats.

“I groom cats, but I will no longer accept unfriendly cats. I’ve been attacked too many times.”

You can connect with Joe’s Pet Services at or give him a call at 613-330-6526.

He also has a Facebook page. Just search for Joe’s Pet Services.

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