South Stormont Mayor Bryan McGillis is seen making his inaugural speech during the first meeting of the newly elected council. Thompson Goddard Photo

LONG SAULT – Over 50 people attended the inaugural meeting of the new South Stormont council held in council chambers on Wed., Nov. 16. In attendance were members of the municipalities administrative staff, representatives from neighbouring municipalities as well as residents, friends, and relatives of the incoming council members.

Councillors Jennifer MacIsaac, Reid McIntyre, and Cindy Woods, Deputy Mayor Andrew Guindon and Mayor Bryan McGillis were sworn in and attested to the municipalities Code of Conduct, with McGillis receiving the Chain of Office from director of corporate services/clerk Loriann Harbers.

A letter from SDSG MP Eric Duncan, who was unable to attend, was read by Harbers and greetings provided by City of Cornwall Mayor Justin Towndale, South Dundas Mayor Jason Broad and South Glengarry Mayor Lachlan McDonald. SS chief administrative officer Debi Lucas-Switzer, expressed gratitude for the work of previous councils, noting how council and the administrative staff are a team to ensure challenges are met. The councillors and the deputy mayor had their opportunity to speak; they were then followed by SS Mayor Bryan McGillis.

In his inaugural address, McGillis thanked those who attended the inaugural meeting, who voted in the election, as well as the families and supporters of the candidates. He expressed gratitude to the members of the municipal administration who support council and the role played by previous councils in the municipality.

“South Stormont is growing, as Coun. MacIsaac said, at an unprecedent rate in residential, commercial, and industrial,” areas said McGillis. He continued, there is a need to ensure the services and infrastructure are available to support this growth and a need to collaborate with other municipalities and levels of government.

“The future of South Stormont looks great, but there are always challenges ahead,” commented McGillis before continuing he is looking forward to working with council and county council members. He extended his thanks to Tammy McRae for singing the national anthem, Piper Ken Stephenson for piping in council, Sgt Charlene Davidson for assisting in the oath of office ceremony and the administrative staff for their work which made “our event very special.”